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It all started when I asked Natalie to be my second shooter.

For years, I worked either on my own or with an ‘assistant’ who was basically a bag carrier. Then I got asked by Milly a young photographer to help on weddings and take a few shots, that went pretty well until Milly went travelling, met a doctor and was off to pastures new.

I called out to friends and family for a photography assistant and Natalie answered that call. Her infectious smile, unflappable character made her a great fit and I think we make a great team. She shoots Canon and I shoot Nikon which one of the few things we don’t agree on 😉

Natalie and I divvied up the day in our own unique way, she would photograph the guys getting ready, and I would shoot the bridal preparations, she would take the groomsmen, I would take the bridesmaids, and we would generally leap frog throughout the rest of the event, capturing what was needed based on our different strengths.

We just naturally fell into a groove that made sense and that seemed like it worked for us.

And it did.


But it really hit home for me when I discovered just how much we were duplicating a lot of our shots.

Instead of hiring a second shooter, I decided we would share for all the traditional ‘must have’ shots – the First Kiss, the standard wedding party portraits, the family setups, and the nice photo of the father of the bride giving his toast. All of those images are under the primary’s umbrella. Once we agree who is doing that for each scene, it gives the other free reign to be the second shooter throughout the day, and their only responsibility is to be as creative as he can possibly be.

Ever since then, we have developed a system in which one of us is always free to ‘get creative’ whilst the other captures the must have shots.

While I’m shooting the standard must-have images of the ceremony, Natalie is shooting from a balcony above or from the rear of the church. On another day, I’m getting nice photos of the friends and family giving toasts, and she’s catching guests’ reactions.

On another day, I’m shooting the detail shots of wedding breakfast table decorations, and she’s shooting candid images of guests enjoying one another at the drinks reception.

So this is how we shoot a wedding together, we also have lots of fun and enjoy working together, so much so that we get complimented on our approach, rapport and of course our images.

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